How To Put On The PERFECT Corporate Seminar

putting on the perfect presentationChances are you’ve been promoting your event for a while now, but what’s really going to push your message home? What’s going to make everyone leave full of energy and grateful that they came to your seminar?

It doesn’t matter if it’s a corporate seminar on business, training your staff or working on personal relationships. At the end of it all, the details of your seminar will be what sets it from average to EPIC!

It doesn’t really matter what the seminar is about, if you’ve covered our “Corporate Seminar Checklist”, you’ll put on a great show, entertain your guests and ensure they have enough energy to soldier on through the event in it’s entirety (Yes we mean “wine and dine” them!).

First up, make sure you’ve researched prospective venues you’re looking to hire (should you not have your own).

Consider the following:

  • Does the venue suit the seminar topic or aesthetics of your company? For example, if you were running an event based around farming sustainability, it may come across as a little backwards having it located within a highrise building. Somewhere more rustic or out in the suburban areas would be much more appropriate.
  • Will you need a PA at the venue? Secondly, what kind of quality sound does the system produce? Chances are you will be talking to a large group of people and you will need some voice amplification, so you want to ensure the venue has an above average sound system. Listening to someones voice and hearing constant static and low quality sound can be very draining, if you don’t believe that, try turning on your AM radio in a bad reception area.

    If you’re unfamiliar with what makes a good system, we’ll just simplify it to brands and how you can research it. Brands like Shure, Rode, Sennheiser, Mackie, JBL, Yamaha, EV and Nexo all make high quality PA systems. If you see brands like Behringer (Slight cringe) I’d personally be a little more weary, Behringer products are the more ‘value for money’ focussed, so if it’s new you can get away with okay sound. Either way, be diligent about it and bring a second set of ears along so you can get a fell for it.
  • How comfortable are the seats in your prospective hire venue? Unfortunately ergonomic chairs are not as comfortable as the sellers often say. Comfort in modern day chairs seems to be more complicated than it should be, so on to a small fun fact chair tangent, when sitting, and the front section of the chair (where the underside of the knees sit) is slightly higher than where you place your bum, it puts a slight strain on your lower back curvature, as our bodies want to naturally curve over. However when the knees are lower than the bum, this brings about the natural curvature of the spine and makes it easy to sit up right, making us more efficient and attentive. Unfortunately finding chairs in the modern day that offer true human comfort.
  • What kind of lighting does the venue have? Are you going to be talking on end for a long time under fluorescent lights, or do you get to have a combination of that and natural lighting? If you’ve done the daily 9-5 grind in an office cubical, you’d understand the pain of having to sit through another day of fake lighting. If you’ve chosen this path, make sure you have plenty of breaks so that everybody can go out and recharge in the fresh air (Hopefully it’s not a Melbourne winter day or night!)
  • Will there be handouts at your seminar? If so, do you have access to a printer that will speak to the quality you want to portray? Have you searched for printing places to give you a good deal? If you’ve only got a small run, it might just be worth paying a visit to your local Officeworks.

Once you’ve done your due diligence in finding the optimal venue to hire, then you should start ticking off your boxes for the other elements of running your seminar.



Based on getting yourself the perfect venue for your event, the seminar content and the speakers, is the price right? The better each of those 3 categories are, the more you’ll be able to charge on your entrance fees.

What value adding are you doing to the seminar?

Maybe you’ve hired a well known speaker to come down and present to your audience, the perceived value associated with this may be enough to draw a huge crowd. Depending on who it is of course.

MFinger food cateringaybe you’ve hired a corporate catering company to come and feed your guests? Just imagine you’ve sat through 3-5 hours of solid presenting, and now it’s break time, you walk out to a few tables full of delicious finger foods, does this not excite you beyond measure? I’m sure your stomach will be very thankful! And let’s be honest, what better way to keep your energy levels up, than with a good feed? Sustenance is the key to trudging through a solid content driven seminar. This instantly adds a great deal of value to any event.

corporate catering

If the costs of your event are a little out of budget, try and bring in another business of a similar nature, but one that doesn’t directly compete with what you’ve got on offer. Most industries share similar target markets, so get on the phone and try teaming up with them!



Be careful to research what other events are on at that time, try not to have your seminar conflict with other industry related events. Once you find a free date, make it very well known, market it to the target audience ASAP, this quick marketing bomb will hopefully ensure nobody else books a conflicting seminar at the same time!

Optimise your marketing plan, so that you know the date you choose is YOURS. With any luck people will have put it in their calendars after first seeing that it’s on. You will need to ensure a continuous advertising presence, regardless of how small it may be. Being present and constantly visible will be crucial in this day and age. Unfortunately according to medical websites the findings of human attention spans has dropped from a mere 12 seconds in the year 2000, to just 8 seconds in 2016. As our addiction to instant gratification becomes greater, this figure could easily drop further. So I MUST emphasize having a CONSTANT presence is a MUST.


Your crew

Ensuring your crew are well fed and charged up to help your speaker build the energy in the room can be quite important, as can having enough crew to make sure that everyone in the audience can be looked after, should they need it.presentation-team

During the hours of presenting, you may want to give your seminar crew a break, or give them the opportunity to utilize their time to setup the next section of the presentations, it could just be dealing with the catering company to lay out a delivery of refreshments, whether it’s setup as a buffet style or just plated up finger foods.

Perhaps you have a range of products you’d like to sell, in which case they could be preparing the sales stands for any books, videos or products you want to sell.

Having your guests documented with their attendance and all their details in is recommended. It could be important to know who is there, or if they have gone missing, have the ability to get in touch with them. If you want to do post seminar follow up’s having their contact information will be quite necessary!


Your speakers

Want your seminars presentation to be done by a rock star? I’m sure if your audience had the choice they’d want someone to get up there and blow their minds! Good content is the key message you want to portray, getting someone who can convey it perfectly and in a way that is remembered in a strong positive light, that will be a measure of the success of your event.

Think back to all those war movies, like Braveheart, 300 etc. The scene’s I’m talking about portrayed one man, in the heat of battle, raise his voice in passion for their cause, and inciting something the mobs of people didn’t realise they had within themselves. Passion for their cause.

This is the power a rock star speaker will bring to your table. Passion in their field, passion for life and the capability to bring their passion out in everybody else!



Ensure you’ve built up your checklist on things you need to get done, put in the ground work and enjoy putting on one amazing seminar.