What Does a Wedding Venue Say About You & Your Partner?

No doubt that if you’re considering a wedding venue, your brain is going a million miles an hour, and has been since saying “Yes” that fateful moment. It’s quite understandable, your entire life is about to change, even if it’s only metaphorically.

During this period you’ve no doubt also done a lot of reflecting, not only on yourself, but on who you are as a couple, and where you both are striving to get to. He no doubt did plenty of covert research in to finding you the perfect ring (At least, I hope he did!). And chances are you’ve taken charge with planning out the next stage of your union, colour themes, what type of celebrant best suits, what wedding food you’re going to have catered and so on…

The best part about finding the right wedding service providers is that you get to have it personalized to the degree that suits you both as a couple. Which is what I imagine every couple in love would want, their own personalized wedding ceremony. So today, we’re going to be covering different types of wedding venues, and the kind of personality they reflect, so you can decide if it best suits you and your lover.

Traditional wedding venues

Churchesbridal party & groomsmen

Maybe you and your partner have a religious background or you just share very traditional views on marriage, that it should be performed by a priest in a local church. For the modern day couple, having a wedding at an old styled church, suggests that you’re both high on traditional family values. Maybe the family is just pushing you to go this route, or maybe it’s all you’ve ever wanted. Either way, you’ll want to impress, with white ribbons and flowers everywhere the eye can see.

Whilst not everybody will share your traditional values, however from the outside perspective, you’ll immediately give off the feeling that family is extremely important to you and no matter what you’ll be making it work, or just keep trying harder.

You’re partners friends will of course feel safe knowing that you’re both committed to each other and having a priority on each other in a traditional sense. This is definitely the white picket fence style of wedding, so will always be a popular choice.

rustic wedding venue

Rustic venues

Having your ceremony at a old styled rustic looking venue says that you’ve both got some taste and zing in your life style. Often venues like this are build on recycled old styled timber, which I might add is solid as, a great metaphoric representation for any couple. Such venues might be an old barn yard that’s been converted into a very eye pleasing wedding venue or even an old homestead, often found outside of Melbourne or in some of the old suburban pockets of the city.

As others think of you and your partner, they probably see a grand old house that’s been renovated and done up, using recycled woods, ground concrete floors and other interesting intricate goodies. Whilst a wedding venue is still a popular choice, these rustic styled places are definitely growing in their popularity as something a little different, but still easily obtainable.

Tropical destinations

As someone who’s had to turn down some lovely sounding tropical venue weddings, such as Bali and Thailand destinations, to me, this just screams “It’s all about us”. But don’t get me wrong, it’s meant to be all about you and your union with the one you love. It’s not going to be obtainable for everyone to take a few days off from work, potentially organise visas into the venues country and organise their own flights etc etc. Which is understandable and surely expected.

If you’re going to pick a lovely destination in the far away tropics, you can’t let yourself worry about a handful of people not being able to prioritise your special day. I would imagine they too are feeling down about missing it too.

Many onlookers will see that you’re both very well off (regardless of reality) and that you both take a high amount of pride in what you do, wanting only the best out of life. Which is what I believe every couple should want for each other.

Cheaper types of venues to consider

Backyard weddings

If you’re wanting to go down this path, you’re probably more of a practical couple, seeing the venue as just a means to an end, having everybody come to one location to see you and your partner be wed. You might come from a big family, so catering for a large number might be more a priority than having everybody drive to a far away location for the same thing.

The hardest bit about saving money on venue hire, is post celebrations, when there is cleaning involved, you’ll probably need to get a house cleaner in the day after celebrations to clean up after everybody, I’m sure the last thing you’ll want to do is be cleaning with a looming hang over on the way, am I right? At least you won’t need to taxi anywhere though, and if you’re having a ‘big night’ you won’t need to be carried too far to bed.

Pubs and bars

These kinds of venues offer a good mix of vibe and value. Like a backyard wedding, this also suggests you are more of a practical person, throwing money about to celebrate your special day is not an idea that works for you both, you can have just as good a time at the local anyway, right?

Best of all, you won’t have to worry about people being messy, because the venues already got cleaning costs covered in their venue hire rates.wedding catering Melbourne

Wedding extras

Often many of these venues will have plenty of connections of service providers for your wedding day, but if they don’t you’ll just have to spend a little extra time finding them, luckily right now, your sitting on the website of one epic Melbourne catering company, whether you’re going the DIY route with your wedding, or have a planner taking care of the entire event. We’ll be more than happy to join in on your festivities and make sure all your guests are well fed with some amazing dishes!