Throw a Kick-Ass Xmas Party… Your Employees Will Thank You!

After a long, potentially stress inducing year your employees are probably feeling like they’re long overdue for a bit of down time over the holiday season, so why not send them off with a bang and put some effort into your Christmas party, let your hair down and everybody have a grand ol’ time!

No doubts that everybody already got a handful of xmas parties lined up to attend over the final stretch of the year, whether it’s with family or friends, most people will have so much turkey & cranberry sauce, they’re likely to not feel like touching it again for another year!

If you’re struggling for ideas on how to make the end of the year end with a bang, then just keep reading, hopefully the creative juices will start to flow for you.

Venues Typesfinger foods

First up on the list, is the venue. How likely is it that everybody wants to party at the office? Going out on a limb here, I’m thinking it’s not likely the most fun place around? So, what are the other options on offer, here are a few thoughts for you:

-Hire a venue room at a pub, often you can easily organise a tab on the bar, for either beer, wine and/or spirits. Only real draw back is most pubs won’t have too many options on the food and catering side of things.

-Hire a venue hall, these will need you to put more effort into setting up, for example, you’re going to need to hire a PA and potentially lighting, but you literally have free reign to bring in what you want, whether it be a catering company or your own drinks for example. If you’re planning everything from scratch and like to be in control of everything, this is probably the option for you.

-Hire a party specific venue, the type of venue where everything is literally thought of for you. If you’re time poor and trying to organise a party on the side, this will be the best foundation for everybody to have a great night out. Often entertainment, drinks and catering is packaged into the whole price for you.

Music choice

Hopefully you’re party crew has all been hired with their interests in mind so that they are more likely to enjoy each others company. Often there is a music theme between employees, so touching on their favourite styles is likely to make the party enjoyment so much higher. If you find there is almost no matching musical tastes, you could either have some other form of entertainment, like something that is going to be tasteful enough for most to enjoy without being too overpowering to the overall party vibe. Example being an acoustic duo, or even a movie playing in the background. Ideally the minimum you need is something to fill in the background noise and hopefully add to the overall atmosphere.

Drinkscatering companies

This area is a catch 22, people are likely to go crazy if the drinks are free, which means you have to have a responsible crowd serving and being careful of individuals getting too sloshed for everybody’s enjoyment. Still being a professional environment, often there is that one person who messes it up for everybody. With any luck they don’t end up causing trouble that cannot be easily undone.

With this in mind, you should be careful about what types of drinks are easily available, you may want to keep it simple and just have beer and wine. When you start introducing strong spirits and even shots into the equation, things can go from fun to trouble, very quick.


dessert plattersIn order to help out with the above mentioned issue of drunk trouble makers, we highly recommend your catering company provides some very carby foods, as this helps to lower the drunk level in most people (without necessarily reducing their blood alcohol concentration). Just helping to reduce their incoherence. For me personally, if I eat any carbs while drinking, it automatically puts me into a more sober state very fast. Which is a tough choice, because I love eating, and I enjoy drinking.

But back to the topic of food, make sure you have a good food list, that even caters to vegetarian and even the gluten free diets too, because there will be people who cannot eat certain foods for their own reasons. Whether it’s because of trends, health reasons or whatever other reason, It’s starting to become the new normal, so make sure your bases are covered and order a wide range of finger foods to suit everyone.

Other ideas

It may be a good idea to think about what issues may arise during the night, are there any particular employees that could have a tiff after a few drinks, will you need to hire security to help out on the night?

Have your employee contracts covered to out of work functions? If so, what protocols have you got in place for bad behaviour?

After another long year, you may want to be doing some speeches or handing out awards to some or all of your employees, which is highly highly recommended for moral and team building. You can do all the standard awards, then potentially also have some silly awards to get everybody in the mood for a laugh, there may be an in joke that you could name your silly award after, and if only a handful of your employees understand it, that’s fine too. It’ll add to the mystic and desire to delve further into the business and make something of it! Whether you hand out printed awards or trophies, it’s all fun either way.

Parties are the lifeblood of our work, so feel free to call us and have a chat about any details you may be having trouble working out.