Preparing the Farewell to 2016

In the mad rush to wrap up a pretty damn extreme year, the intensity is really set on maximum whilst we all finish our Christmas shopping, including buying up the rest of the turkey’s for our family dinner catch ups, resting for a few days, then going crazy all over again on New Year’s Eve.


So whilst we’re running around being silly and not thinking, here’s your few minutes to step back and reflect on the last 12 months. First off, where were you at the start of the year? Hopefully not too hung over from a big new year’s eve event. Most of us had probably set a few resolutions in order to better ourselves and our overall lives. Whether it’s to stop smoking, or hit the gym. If you did make a resolution, did you stick to it?catering Melbourne new years message


If you want to make a lasting change, you’ve got to decide why it’s important to you, then make the choice in this very minute to change that habit to fit into your new lifestyle. It may be as simple as you want to throw the very best parties or functions for your small business, in which case.. I know of a catering company that could give you a hand with that. ;)


Either way, unless you want to be at the same overall level as you were the previous year, then by all means do what you are doing, it’s working. But for those who seek more from their life, it’s time to make those tough choices that will take you from your comfort zone and move you to a place that’s less than comfortable, until you grow into it and again find your comfort. Usually this will create a more long term comfortable zone for you, in order for you to do it all over again.


Whilst most of the internet is focussed on what’s been taken throughout 2016, from old school rockers to a big gorilla, not many are focussed on what they’ve gained and can be thankful for. Personally, for me, this has easily been the most exciting year of my life, I can only hope to outdo it next year and every year after. There’s nearly always an exciting or silver lining in almost every situation, if you can’t see it, look harder.


Aside from the heartfelt side of things, December has been zooming by, like it always does, everybody’s busier now than probably every other month of the year, again, like usual. Right now, it’s a little over a week until Xmas, have you got everything planned and sorted for any celebrations you are wanting to take part in? Food wise, groceries will be selling out faster than *insert your own slightly edgy/funny analogy here*. So, when they do, I guess having a backup plan would be great, perhaps one that will give you a completely stress free function with your family, friends or colleagues? We’d prefer to be the first port of call, but we’re happy to come to the rescue at the last minute should you find yourself in dire need of finger food for your party.


It’s not often people would think a catering business is run by chef’s (Sure, that may be a guess, but!) But Handcrafted Catering is run with master Chef’s at the helm, ensuring the level of detail in flavour and looks with your food is completely spot on!


As with all foodies, our team has tried and tested everything on our catering platters, time and time again, still coming back for more. So needless to say your guests are going to be bursting at the seems, unable to stop devouring the plattered deliciousness.


Whatever you end up doing this holiday season, don’t forget to pull out the eggnog or brandy, put your legs up and be grateful you made it through another year safe and sound.. That is, unless you are setting a new year’s resolution of no drinking! In which case, you’ll have to find another relaxing alternative, like a camomile tea!


From the entire team at Handcrafted Catering, wishing you a very merry Christmas and super happy new year!

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